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Five Social Mistakes to Avoid

Five Social Faux Pas to Avoid

When it comes to social etiquette, some things naturally make sense. For instance, saying please and thank you and holding the door open for the person behind us may seem elementary. Yet times are changing, and common courtesy is becoming less common.

Because of this, people become particularly appreciative of those who are polite and have good manners. Of course, you would want others to appreciate you in the same way.

Here are five social faux pas that are becoming widely accepted, but you’re better off avoiding them:

  • Talking on the phone around other people

Phone calls are unavoidable, and many of us have those calls that we just have to answer. However, if you’re around other people, make sure to excuse yourself before answering the call. Perhaps you can move to a different room or take it outside.

Other people don't need to be privy to your conversation with the person on the phone. Likewise, you wouldn't want to bother the people you're with by talking while they're having a different discussion amongst themselves.

Similarly, avoid texting while you're around others. Though you do not have to leave the room if you need to reply to a message, make sure you excuse yourself before you start typing.

  • Being late

Sometimes, running late is entirely out of your control. Maybe an emergency came up at work, or an accident caused horrendous traffic while you were on your way to an appointment. That much is forgivable.

However, habitually running late implies disrespect for the other person’s time. Hence, when you’re making appointments, make sure to consider travel time and possible delays before deciding on a time.

Furthermore, be willing to wait. It is better that you are early than late.

  • Bringing your children, pets, or extra guests to events without asking

When a person invites you to an event, perhaps a wedding or a birthday, do not presume that your significant other, children, or pets are also invited. Hosts think about how many people will be at their party, and an unplanned guest could throw everything out of whack.

If you really want to bring them along, make sure to ask the host if it's okay. Don't be upset if it's not. Planning an event is already tedious enough for the host, and you wouldn't want to make it about you.

  • Listening to something in public without using headphones

It’s understandable that you would want to listen to music or watch a video while commuting or in a café. However, make sure that you only do so if you have headphones with you. You wouldn't want to disrupt the people around you.

  • Not following up after a date

Ghosting, that is, leaving a person hanging, has become more commonplace in this day and age. People chalk it up to modern dating, but it really shouldn't be this way.

Be considerate enough to let a person know if you don’t see things working out with them. It may be uncomfortable on both ends, but it’s better than keeping them guessing. This way, they get to move on without wondering about what went wrong.

On a final note, treat others the way you would want to be treated. This golden rule will help you as you continue to navigate social etiquette.